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The Erotic Adventures of a Victorian Doctor

The Erotic Adventures of a Victorian Doctor is a series of erotic stories featuring Doctor Damian Thatch. Damian is a London Physician who has developed a unique version of clitoral massage, which is extremely effective in curing his patients of hysteria. He understands that most cases of hysteria is simple sexual frustration and relief is provided by orgasm. But a proper Victorian lady may not have any interest in sex, and even thinking about an orgasm would be completely unacceptable, so his solution is clinically referred to as a paroxysm.

1. Desires of a Lady

The masochistic Lady Bridgette desires more than clitoral stimulation. She confesses to Damian her wish to engage in “activities that a man may only obtain from the likes of a prostitute,” but that her social standing prohibits her from doing so. Damian eagerly agrees to help her, and in the process realizes his predilection for sadism.

2. Stepsister’s Same Sex Sadism

When Doctor Damian Thatch’s has a taboo D/s encounter with his stepsister, Edith, it awakens her desire to treat her maid, Annie, in a similar manner. Annie has recently been disrespectful, so Damian explains that such behavior deserves a spanking and birching, which he demonstrates to his enthusiastic stepsister.
Edith then wants to do more than just discipline her maid. She tells Damian that she wants to enjoy Annie “as a man might.”
Damian assists by setting up Edith’s first time lesbian encounter with Annie.

3. His Private Dolly Mop

Damian frequents Madame Q’s nunnery, a high-end London brothel which provides the services of dolly mops for gentlemen with sadistic tastes. In spite of the liberties he is able to take with them, Damian finds that purchasing pleasures deprives him of authenticity.
But when Damian notices that a new dolly mop is actually Rosie, his own parlor maid, he realizes that he may have found a potential solution. Rosie chooses to take the option of being trained to satisfy Damian’s desires rather than face immediate termination of employment.

4. Christmas Conquests

A taboo Christmas at Bramble Hall with his stepsister, Edith, might have been arousing enough. But, Edith has made a bet with Damian that he will be unable to seduce the virtuous Mrs. Jacobsen before the weekend is over. If he should succeed, Edith will let him have her maid, Annie, as his Christmas present, for whatever he wishes.
This could truly be a holiday to remember.

5. Lady Juliette

Confined by a life of privilege and frustrated with a much older husband, Lady Juliette turns to Dr. Damian Thatch and persuades him to use hypnosis to bypass her guilt and have sex with her. Already attracted to her, Damian agrees and discovers that hypnosis also removes inhibition, which results in some of in the finest sex imaginable. Aware of their growing affection for each other and in consideration of her status, they agree not to have any more contact. But Lady Juliette’s husband has just died.

6. The Countess’ Role Play Fantasies

Using the tools of hypnosis and role play, Doctor Damian Thatch has helped Lady Cynthia discover that the cause of her troubling dreams are her own secret desires. Since she is a countess, however, she is unable to act on them.
Since the only person who now knows her secret fantasies is Damian, her physician, she turns to him to make them real for her.
Damian may be willing, but he has a price. If she wants her fantasies fulfilled, the countess must become submissive to him.

7. Her Lover’s Maid

Damian has, to this point, been content to satisfy his sadistic nature by dominating Rosie, his maid and private dolly mop. But since he has developed a romantic relationship with Lady Juliette, he also wants to to include her in other aspects of his sexual life. Juliette is playful and enjoys being spanked, but Damian has yet to broach the subject of having her become submissive to him. However, her interest in Rosie may provide him with the means to do so. And a threesome would be a plus.