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Madame Q

Until the age of eighteen Anna Quinlan had remained in perfect ignorance of all those matters which careful parents are so anxious to conceal from their children.  She would, no doubt, have become the virtuous lady they intended for her to become were it not for a change in circumstances that would thrust her into a dramatically different world. The death of her parents, being disciplined by her godfather, placed in a brothel, and then being sold as a concubine provided her with experiences from which she would make her fortune. In just two years she learned much about both herself and the world at large. She became proficient in the art of birching, enjoyed sensual activities with women, sex with men, and was an avid reader of erotic literature.  Most importantly, however, was that she had learned how easy it was for her to get money from men. She opened a brothel which catered exclusively to the aristocracy, fully aware that these particular gentlemen would require educated ladies of breeding to entertain them.  They would have to be high caliber ladies, ladies just like Anna herself. She called herself Madame Q.

Following the death of her parents, Anna is taken in by her godfather, a strict disciplinarian. Resistant at first, she soon takes to discipline and realizes she is more excited by giving than receiving. She also develops a taste for the sensual pleasures of another woman with Sally, her godfather’s maid.
Anna is then apprenticed to a brothel where her virginity is sold to a well-placed lord, who sets her up as his mistress in a fashionable London suite. But tiring of the confinement of the life of a concubine and his lordship’s jealousy, she escapes to the continent. Following a profitable series of sexual adventures with men of rank in Naples and Paris, Anna returns to London as a wealthy woman and establishes her own brothel as Madame Q.