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Victorian Erotica

The Erotic Adventures of a Victorian Doctor

The Erotic Adventures of a Victorian Doctor is a series of erotic stories featuring Doctor Damian Thatch. Damian is a London Physician who has developed a unique version of clitoral massage, which is extremely effective in curing his patients of hysteria. He understands that most cases of hysteria is simple sexual frustration and relief is provided by orgasm. But a proper Victorian lady may not have any interest in sex, and even thinking about an orgasm would be completely unacceptable, so his solution is clinically referred to as a paroxysm.

Madame Q

In the two years after the death of her parents, Anna Quinlan learned much about both herself and the world at large. She became proficient in the art of birching, enjoyed sensual activities with women, sex with men, and was an avid reader of erotic literature.  Most importantly, however, was that she had learned how easy it was for her to get money from men. She opened a brothel which catered exclusively to the aristocracy, fully aware that these particular gentlemen would require educated ladies of breeding to entertain them.  They would have to be high caliber ladies, ladies just like Anna herself. She called herself Madame Q.